lunes, 29 de julio de 2019

Camp #2 Day 13 - Dia de la Democracia

Today, the kids were in control of their activities as we celebrated Democracy Day.

After winning the "local election", the political group TTP were the ones who chose and managed the day´s activities. This was a chance for the campers to showcase their leadership and management skills, as they get to be the head of the whole group.

We started the day with sports of their own choosing. They went head to head in games of dodgeball (balon prisionero) and capture the flag, followed by a mix gymkhana.

After that, they cooled down with a water battle royale. The kids loaded up on water balloons, water guns, and buckets, and got wet and wild again doing several challenges.

Some traditional games followed and then some free time, and lunch.

The afternoon was filled with workshops, again, with the kids´own choosing. They wanted to make the most of the time and energy, so they spent their time making a remembrance notebook for everyone at the camp to sign. They also held a ping pong tournament.

It was fun to see that the campers from the whole camp were competitive while still being friendly and having a great time.

After that, they had to sing and dance their hearts out with a Karaoke-Just Dance activity.

There was some more free time so they could cool down and rest before dinner, and so they would have energy for another night of horror.

When everyone had their fill of fun and terror, we all headed back to camp and went to sleep.

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domingo, 28 de julio de 2019

Camp #2 Day 12 - Noche de Horror

Day 12 of the summer camp started as usual with breakfast, a round of sports, and then workshops.

We played foot baseball and hockey, and then got down and dirty with Dirty Gymkhana. The kids were divided into their respective groups and had to complete a series of challenges. What makes this gymkhana different is that the idea is to be as dirty as possible while doing the challenges. The challenges included dirt, buckets full of mysterious things, things that are sticky, ooey, gooey, yucky, and more. 

By the end, no shirt or face was spared. Most, if not all, off us were covered in dirt, flour, juice, milk, or something else.

When that finished, we all cleaned up ourselves and had lunch and some free time to recover from all the dirt and running.

In between, we also introduced Democracy Day, where the kids had to form their own "political parties" and run for election. The group that wins will get to decide the whole camp´s activities for the following day.

In the afternoon, we did the last round of workshops, still lip dub and colada.

After that, we had rest and free time, where the kids also had to vote for their favoured party/activities.

In the evening, we announced the winners. All the while, the councilors were setting up the Night of Horror.

When darkness fell across the camp, we led some of the brave souls through the woods, where they were left alone to find the councilors, who were dressed in creepy costumes. With only the moonlight guiding their way, the kids had to roam the forest and fields to find a councilor and complete an activity.

These included a spiritual cleansing ritual, meeting The Gatekeeper, and surviving several creatures of the night.

In between, there were a lot of terrified faces and screaming.

It might have been a scary night, but the whole day was surely a whole lot of fun.

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Camp #2 Day 11 - Terra Mitica!

Day 11 was another excursion, and this time, we went back in time.

After breakfast, we packed our bags and headed off to the Terra Mitica theme park in nearby Benidorm.

At the park, the kids wandered off to explore rides, attractions, shows, and characters from the great ancient civilisations in the Mediterranean.

Throughout the day, the kids experienced the Greek, Roman, and Egyptian civilisations through roller coasters, swimming pools, and other fun rides.

When everyone had their fill of fun, we headed back to camp. After dinner, we got to know each other a little more through a competitive quiz on Kahoot! What made this different is that it focused on the camp, the  councilors, and the campers.

After this tiring day, we all headed to bed and dozed off.

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Camp #2 Day 10 - FunFair Day!

Day 10 was the day when the circus rolled into town.

As with the usual, we started the day with a rundown of the activities and then breakfast.

After that, we played some sports to get our muscles going. This was followed by a Flip-Flops Gymkhana.

In this gymkhana, the kids had to complete a series of challenges that involved the use of their flip-flops/slippers. Activities included:

-Flip-flop throw (where the kids tried to fling their flip-flop as far as possible)
-Flip-flop race (where the kids had to run a race with a flip-flop in-between their legs)
-Jungle Maze (where the kids had to make their way through a web of strings with a flip-flop in-between their legs and without touching any of the strings).

After that, we had some rest time, then lunch, and then the usual free time.

We kicked off the afternoon activities with a new set of workshops. This time around, it was lip dub and colada.

In the lip dub workshop, the kids had to record short videos of them lip syncing and dancing to songs. These will all be compiled for a group video that will be shown at the end of camp.

We also did the colada/cleaning workshop, where the kids had to wash some of their clothes and to tidy up some of their belongings. This was not only to lett the kids have more clothing options for the rest of the camp, but also to help teach them a valuable life skill that is useful in many different settings.

When we finished with the workshops, we had tea time (merienda) and then spent some time at the beach. We went back to camp, had showers, and then mobile phone time.

To change things up a bit and to prepare for the fair, we had dinner outside with our friends from the Vive La Ñ camp. And then it was time for the fun fair.

Upon entering the camp grounds, the kids were greeted by a party complete with a DJ, attractions, game booths, and makeshift rides, similar to a circus or town fair.

Activities and attractions included:
  • Horse race betting
  • Witch ride
  • Fortune-telling
  • Arm wrestling
  • Wrestling booth
  • Water pong
  • Mini bowling and more
The kids spent the night lining up for the activities they wanted, winning, and dancing, as the DJ kept pumping the music and the kept everyone's feet moving.

When the circus lights finally went off, everyone headed off to their dorms to freshen up and to sleep.

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sábado, 27 de julio de 2019

Camp #2 Day 9 - Battleships and the Sea

Day 9 was a continuation of our Sports series. The kids were again split into their respective groups and were sent to complete the games they have yet to do. 

The sports for the day were handball and volleyball. 

After that, we played a game of Battleships. Teams had to sink battleships assigned to them by guessing which area in the grid the ships are on. They had to complete certain challenges first to get a chance to shoot, and then guess which part of the grid was the enemy battleship located on. One completed challenge, one chance to fire the cannons. 

Some of the challenges included:
-Team on a carpet
-Tongue twisters
-Furor singing contest
- Sing and dance, and more.

To rest and cool down, we headed to the beach for some time and then had lunch.

We then had some lunch and then headed off to the nautical club for another round of water sports.

The kids had another go at kayaking, sailing, stand-up paddleboard, and motorboat rides.

To recharge, we had a movie night following dinner. We played the film Life of Brian, a classic comedy film tackling different issues in a lighthearted way.

You can follow our stories and see our day-to-day activities on our Google Photos album:

Camp #2 Day 8 - Alicante

It´s Day 8, which means the first half of the camp is done.

We started off the second half with a trip to Alicante.

Following breakfast, we did a general cleaning of the rooms and personal belongings to ensure everything is tidy and in order. When we finished, we had fresh sheets and linens, dry clothes, and an orderly luggage.

We then got our muscles going by doing a Spartan Race, where the kids had to run a race that included a series of challenges and road blocks. As they ran the course, they had to jump over hurdles, carry weights, do burpees, and other activities, all while trying to finish the whole race in the shortest time possible.

We gave out prizes to the Top 3 fastest Spartans.

We used most of the afternoon free time to get our other belongings in order and to prepare for the trip. We boarded the bus at 5pm.

Then off we went to Alicante.

Our first stop was Santa Barbara Castle. We had a tour of the fortress and learned about its history, its features, and its significance then and now.

After that, we had a chance to roam and explore the city on our own. Some of us explored the city center, while the others preferred to get lost along the city streets, inside the shops, or along the Paseo Maritimo.

We then had a picnic dinner by the city center, then headed back to camp.

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Camp #2 Day 7 - Campfire Night

Day 7 was a full day of activities and fun.

After breakfast, we started the day with a round of sports and then followed by Chairs Gymkhana activities. This combined physical, mental, and creative challenges to keep the kids motivated.

The teams had to line up in front of a chair where a councilor is seated. Each team member then had to complete a challenge and then run around a set course.

Challenges included word association games, charades, pictionary, antonyms/opposites, spelling, and more.

Following that, we went to the beach for to rest and cool down, and to enjoy the breeze and water.

In the afternoon, we did another round of workshops, with the different groups trying out the activities they have yet to do.

To cap off the night, we gathered ´round a campfire for a time of singing, bonding, playing, and getting to know each other more. 

It was heart-warming to see all the kids enjoying and participating as we finished the first half of the camp. With one more week left to go, we ended the night by sharing warm hugs and being thankful for each other.

You can follow our stories and see our day-to-day activities on our Google Photos album:

Camp #2 Day 13 - Dia de la Democracia

Today, the kids were in control of their activities as we celebrated Democracy Day. After winning the "local election", the poli...