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Camp #2 Day 8 - Alicante

It´s Day 8, which means the first half of the camp is done.

We started off the second half with a trip to Alicante.

Following breakfast, we did a general cleaning of the rooms and personal belongings to ensure everything is tidy and in order. When we finished, we had fresh sheets and linens, dry clothes, and an orderly luggage.

We then got our muscles going by doing a Spartan Race, where the kids had to run a race that included a series of challenges and road blocks. As they ran the course, they had to jump over hurdles, carry weights, do burpees, and other activities, all while trying to finish the whole race in the shortest time possible.

We gave out prizes to the Top 3 fastest Spartans.

We used most of the afternoon free time to get our other belongings in order and to prepare for the trip. We boarded the bus at 5pm.

Then off we went to Alicante.

Our first stop was Santa Barbara Castle. We had a tour of the fortress and learned about its history, its features, and its significance then and now.

After that, we had a chance to roam and explore the city on our own. Some of us explored the city center, while the others preferred to get lost along the city streets, inside the shops, or along the Paseo Maritimo.

We then had a picnic dinner by the city center, then headed back to camp.

You can follow our stories and see our day-to-day activities on our Google Photos album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/XqvhyBx5hDAyrHx56

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