domingo, 28 de julio de 2019

Camp #2 Day 12 - Noche de Horror

Day 12 of the summer camp started as usual with breakfast, a round of sports, and then workshops.

We played foot baseball and hockey, and then got down and dirty with Dirty Gymkhana. The kids were divided into their respective groups and had to complete a series of challenges. What makes this gymkhana different is that the idea is to be as dirty as possible while doing the challenges. The challenges included dirt, buckets full of mysterious things, things that are sticky, ooey, gooey, yucky, and more. 

By the end, no shirt or face was spared. Most, if not all, off us were covered in dirt, flour, juice, milk, or something else.

When that finished, we all cleaned up ourselves and had lunch and some free time to recover from all the dirt and running.

In between, we also introduced Democracy Day, where the kids had to form their own "political parties" and run for election. The group that wins will get to decide the whole camp´s activities for the following day.

In the afternoon, we did the last round of workshops, still lip dub and colada.

After that, we had rest and free time, where the kids also had to vote for their favoured party/activities.

In the evening, we announced the winners. All the while, the councilors were setting up the Night of Horror.

When darkness fell across the camp, we led some of the brave souls through the woods, where they were left alone to find the councilors, who were dressed in creepy costumes. With only the moonlight guiding their way, the kids had to roam the forest and fields to find a councilor and complete an activity.

These included a spiritual cleansing ritual, meeting The Gatekeeper, and surviving several creatures of the night.

In between, there were a lot of terrified faces and screaming.

It might have been a scary night, but the whole day was surely a whole lot of fun.

You can follow our stories and see our day-to-day activities on our Google Photos album:

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