domingo, 28 de julio de 2019

Camp #2 Day 10 - FunFair Day!

Day 10 was the day when the circus rolled into town.

As with the usual, we started the day with a rundown of the activities and then breakfast.

After that, we played some sports to get our muscles going. This was followed by a Flip-Flops Gymkhana.

In this gymkhana, the kids had to complete a series of challenges that involved the use of their flip-flops/slippers. Activities included:

-Flip-flop throw (where the kids tried to fling their flip-flop as far as possible)
-Flip-flop race (where the kids had to run a race with a flip-flop in-between their legs)
-Jungle Maze (where the kids had to make their way through a web of strings with a flip-flop in-between their legs and without touching any of the strings).

After that, we had some rest time, then lunch, and then the usual free time.

We kicked off the afternoon activities with a new set of workshops. This time around, it was lip dub and colada.

In the lip dub workshop, the kids had to record short videos of them lip syncing and dancing to songs. These will all be compiled for a group video that will be shown at the end of camp.

We also did the colada/cleaning workshop, where the kids had to wash some of their clothes and to tidy up some of their belongings. This was not only to lett the kids have more clothing options for the rest of the camp, but also to help teach them a valuable life skill that is useful in many different settings.

When we finished with the workshops, we had tea time (merienda) and then spent some time at the beach. We went back to camp, had showers, and then mobile phone time.

To change things up a bit and to prepare for the fair, we had dinner outside with our friends from the Vive La Ñ camp. And then it was time for the fun fair.

Upon entering the camp grounds, the kids were greeted by a party complete with a DJ, attractions, game booths, and makeshift rides, similar to a circus or town fair.

Activities and attractions included:
  • Horse race betting
  • Witch ride
  • Fortune-telling
  • Arm wrestling
  • Wrestling booth
  • Water pong
  • Mini bowling and more
The kids spent the night lining up for the activities they wanted, winning, and dancing, as the DJ kept pumping the music and the kept everyone's feet moving.

When the circus lights finally went off, everyone headed off to their dorms to freshen up and to sleep.

You can follow our stories and see our day-to-day activities on our Google Photos album:

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