sábado, 27 de julio de 2019

Camp #2 Day 5 -- Talleres y Deportes

Day 4 focused on testing and improving the physical and mental skills of the kids. 

After breakfast, we started the day with some sport: towel volleyball and baseball.

Here, the kids had to be innovative and work as a team to win at this level-up volleyball game. They also had to think of strategies on how to win baseball and the volleyball in the best, easiest way possible.

For the rest of the morning, the group spent it playing “I Bet You”, which is a series of challenges. The idea of the game is to complete speaking activities, as well as physical activities. The activities were meant to introduce new games for them, test their creativity and wit, all while improving their English speaking and comprehension skills.

The kids had to bet against each other on who can outdo the other. For example, "I bet you I can do more push-ups than you" or "I bet you I can build a house of cards faster than you".

We went to the beach again after that, and then had lunch and free time.

When we were all rested, we started another series of workshops. This time around, the kids tried their hands on making bracelets and drawing tattoos. These were fun activities for the kids to test their creativity as they thought of designs that would look great on yarns, strings, and on their skin.

After that, we had free time for mobiles and rest. Following a quick dinner, we headed out of the installation and to the Paseo Maritimo to explore El Campello´s beach nightlife. It was a welcome break from our usual evening physical activities, as everyone had time to explore at their own pace.

When we have had our fill, we went back to the installation, cleaned up a bit, and then went to bed.

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